Release Reporting

30 Minute Spill Reporting Requirements

Within 30 minutes of discovery of a spill or release, you must notify:

1. Jurisdictional Fire Department (9-1-1 if emergency)

2. Ohio EPA-ER (800) 282-9378

3. Lucas County LEPC
(419) 936-3550 (24 Hour) [Option 8]
(419) 213-6527 (Day)

30 Day Written Spill Report Requirements

Within 30 days of discovery of a spill or release, you must submit a written follow-up report to both addresses below:

Ohio EPA, DERR-ER, Lazarus Government Center 50 West Town St., Suite 700, P.O. Box 1049,
Columbus, OH 43216-1049
Attn: ER Records Mgmt. SERC Report

Lucas County LEPC, 2144 Monroe St., Toledo, Ohio 43604
Attn: Michelle Hughes-Tucker, Emergency Coordinator

30 Day Reporting Requirements

For More Information...

More information concerning spill reporting requirements can be found on the Ohio SERC website.

Disclaimer: Lucas County is not responsible for any material located on the Ohio SERC website.