Q.1. Can the public use the library?

A. 1. The Lucas County Law Library is open to the general public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. At other times you can schedule time, in advance, with the Director.

Q.2. How can I find an Ohio unreported case?

A. 2. Most unreported cases of the last thirty years are available on Lexis or Westlaw. This library uses Lexis. If you do not have access to Lexis at your home or office, you can use it at the law library. If you can not make it into the law library, but have a citation, call us and we will try to find the case and either email it to you or send it by fax.

Q.3. Where can I find a Medical Power of Attorney?

A. 3. A medical power of attorney (also known as a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care [DPOA]) can be found, and downloaded, from the website: http://www.caringinfo.org/index.cfm
You can also find Advance Directives at this same website.

Q. 4. Where can I find a Notice to Vacate form?

A. 4. This can be found in Ohio Real Property Law & Practice, vol. 2 Forms, under Form No. 1401.
Also, a Notice to Vacate form can be found in Baldwin's Ohio Real Estate Law, 3rd ed., vol. 3 Form No. 56:196.

Q. 5. Where is the Applicable Federal Rate (AFR) found?

A. 5. This information can be found online at: www.irs.gov or, www.pmstax.com

Q. 6. Are Executive Orders available at the Law Library?

A. 6. Copies of Executive Orders are located, at the library, in the United States Code Service (USCS) Advance Pamphlets collection. These are issued monthly. These can also be found on the web at: https://www.federalregister.gov/executive-orders

Q. 7. Do you have forms for expungements?

A. 7. for adults, see R.C. Section 2953.31 et seq. and/or Baldwin's Katz Giannelli Criminal Law, vol. 4 Forms F 153:46 to F153:48.
The Toledo Bar Association conducts an Expungement Clinic for the public. The telephone number is (419) 242-4363.

Sealing of the Record is found at R.C. 2953.51 et seq.

expungement for Juveniles is at R.C. Section 2151.35.5 to 2151.35.8 & also see, Juv. R. 34.