Employee Assistance Program

Everyone Needs Help Sometimes

It's unlikely that any of us will make it through life without experiencing problems. Lucas County recognizes that today's lifestyle is a challenge for people who juggle family, career, and community obligations. Understandably, the pressure sometimes creates problems and we need help dealing with them.

Now, when you and your family need help, you can turn to the Mercy Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Like other enlightened organizations that are committed to employee well-being, Lucas County offers you a comprehensive assistance program that helps minimize the effects of problems that may be affecting your work or personal life.

Mercy EAP Can Help You and Your Family With a Wide Variety of Problems

When you come to the Mercy EAP with a problem, a licensed professional will work with you to accurately assess your situation and will then recommend the best way to help. In some cases, that means you will continue to work directly with one of your counselors; in others, we will refer you to other qualified professionals, programs, or resources in the community.

Mercy EAP Can Help

Mercy EAP can help with:
  • marital or relationship problems
  • childcare or eldercare concerns
  • financial or legal issues
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • depression and anxiety
  • work pressures
  • career decisions
  • other life issues you may be facing
Your visits with a Mercy EAP counselor are provided to you at no cost. If your counselor refers you to to other resources, there may be a charge associated with other service providers; however, most referrals are covered, at least in part, by your medical insurance.

Mercy EAP is Compassionate and Confidential

Our staff will provide you and your family with the same high level of care and caring for which Mercy is known. Mercy EAP is a completely confidential service. Information discussed during an appointment is never disclosed without written consent.

If you or your family members need help, call the Mercy EAP. Often, early and brief intervention can prevent a problem from becoming a full blown crisis that seriously impacts your life and job.

To reach a counselor or to make an appointment at any of our convenient locations, simply call us at 419-251-1444 or 888-877-2362. Our counselors are also available to handle emergencies 24 hours a day.