Coroners Office

The Lucas County Coroner’s office serves the Lucas county residents with Autopsy and other services for the medical examination of the deceased.

If you have any questions as to whether a death is reportable, don't hesitate to call. There is no statute of limitations on Coroner's cases. If the participating event is reportable, it does not matter if years have elapsed between the event and death.

After hours call the 

Toledo Police Department at
Ph: (419) 245-3142
and ask for the Coroner's Investigator

Pages for the Coroner's office

  1. Contractual Autopsy Services

    Consultation Services

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  2. NAME accreditation

    We are now NAME (National Association of Medical Examiners) accredited.

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  3. Organizational Chart

    LCCO Org chart

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  4. Pickup hours for decedents

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  5. Records Requests and Release of Information

    Policy for the request of records and information regarding the release of the records.

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  6. Release of decedent

    New policy for funeral homes coming to pick up decedents from LCCO.

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  7. Reportable Deaths

    This information has been compiled for the purpose of acquainting individuals and organizations with the procedures to be followed when they come in contact with the types of deaths described in this page.

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  8. What should I do now

    The deceases will be taken to the morgue. What should I do now?

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  9. Press Releases

    Press releases for the Coroner's office.

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