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Lucas County - Common Pleas Court

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Court Deputies Department
Roger W. Kerner Jr.

700 Adams St.
Suite 350
Toledo, OH  43624-5634

Ph: (419) 213-4782
Fx: (419) 213-4494

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
The Court Deputies Department of the Lucas County Common Pleas Court is comprised of five units:

Main Office
Located on the 3rd floor of the Lucas County Courthouse, coordinates the security staffing of the courtrooms, the transportation of prisoners to and from court, and the collection of information on a variety of criminal case events. This office also is responsible for the safekeeping, storage, and destruction of evidence and other official court records.

Perimeter Security Unit
Located on the 1st floor of the Lucas County Courthouse, is responsible for the screening of all individuals entering the Courthouse and all deliveries to the Courthouse. All persons entering the courthouse are subject to magnetometer inspections and x-ray screening of purses, briefcases, and packages. Perimeter Security Officers collect any items not permitted within the courthouse, issue a claim check, and return items to the person upon departure. If illegal contraband is involved, the person is subject to arrest. This unit also handles all of the photo identifications for various County and Court operations.

Courtroom Security Unit
Responsible for being present in a courtroom whenever there is a criminal matter scheduled or a civil matter which has been identified as having security related concerns. This unit will also respond to any medical emergency or call for assistance in the Courthouse.

Community Supervision Unit
Provides perimeter security for the building which houses the Adult Probation Department and the Pretrial-Presentence Department. All individuals entering this building are screened in the same manner as if they were entering the Lucas County Courthouse. In addition, this unit has officers who provide community contacts to homes, work sites, furlough sites, and surveillance as requested by the Adult Probation Department, the Work Release Department, and the Electronic Monitoring Program.