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Lucas County

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We Need Your Help!
Volunteer groups and organizations are invited to accept responsibility for removing litter and other debris from a 2-mile section of Lucas County roadways or Toledo streets. The goal of this program is to raise public awareness and to improve the appearance of our roadways.

Recognition for Volunteer Groups
In recognition of your group’s efforts, signs will be posted at each end of the adopted stretch of road displaying the name of your group.

Materials Will Be Provided
Trash bags, safety vests, gloves, and litter tongs will be provided for your groups use. All collected trash will be collected for disposal by the Lucas County Solid Waste Management District and the City of Toledo Division of Solid Waste.
Adopt a Street

Street or County Road Adoption Eligibility

Groups that represent civic or community organizations (i.e. Rotary, Kiwanis, Neighborhood Blockwatch, etc.) and local businesses may petition to be involved in the program. However, to avoid any misunderstandings or misuse of the program, political or special interest groups will not be permitted to participate in this program.

Additional Information
For more information about Street or County road adoption eligibility, call (419) 213-2255. Cleanup workers- beware of meth lab waste.