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Environmental Field Trip List

All field trips should be prearranged with the contact people listed below.  Arrangements should be made as far in advance as possible.

Blue Creek Conservation Area

:  7790 Schadel Rd., Whitehouse, OH  43571

Contact:  Jamie Kochensparger


:  419-893-1966

Dates:  Seasonal:  September – October; April – May; June – August

Time:  Monday – Friday, by appointment only

Description:  Staff and volunteers customize a whole day or half—day field trip for grades K-12.  Short interactive sessions are based around various themes such as:  H2O day – discover the wonders of water; Nature Know How – varied natural resource conservation learning; or It’s Not Just Cows & Plows – learn about Ohio’s number one industry, agriculture.  ($4.00/student, $3.00/student for Title I schools).

City of Sylvania Yard Waste Composting Operations

Address:  8425 Sylvania Metamora, Sylvania, OH  43560

:  Mr. Pat O’Brien


Phone:  419-885-8992

Dates:  Seasonal:  April – October

Time:  Must call or e-mail to schedule an appointment

Description:  Visit the composting site on Summit Road.  Meet at the office on Metamora.  Attendees are required to provide their own transportation from Metamora to Summit Road.

Envirosafe Services of Ohio

Address:  4350 Navarre Ave., Oregon, OH  43616

Contact:  Ms. Lisa Humphrey

Phone:  419-698-3500 x 226 or 1-800-537-0426 x 226

Dates:  Year-round

Time:  9:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday

Description:  A short presentation followed by a video, visit to the lab cell, and a tour of the landfill.

Lourdes College Life Lab

Address:  6832 Convent Blvd., Sylvania, OH  43560

Contact:  Sr. Rosine Sobczak, OSF


Phone:  419-824-3691

Dates:  Seasonal:  Fall, Winter & Spring field classes

            Four week Summer Science Camp

:  2hours in the morning or 2 hours in the afternoon (call to schedule)

            12:45pm – 3:45pm Science Camp in July & August (Call for dates).

Description:  The Lourdes College Life Lab features both a native and exotic plant and animal learning laboratory.  Interactive displays of land and water life provide up to 30 students (pre K – 8) with a Whole Earth Experience ($90.00/class).  A Summer Science Camp is available to individual students in grades 5 – 10 ($95.00/student).

Maumee Bay State Park

Address:  1400 Park Road #1, Oregon, OH  43618

:  Ms. Dana Bollin

Phone:  419-836-9117

:  Year-round

Time:  10:00am – 5:00pm, Wednesday – Sunday

Description:  Specializing in marshes, wetlands, and migratory birds.  Programs can include indoor and outdoor experiences.  Guided tours are sometimes available.  Resources are provided so that teachers may easily lead the tours themselves.

Metroparks of the Toledo Area

Address:  5100 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH  43615

Contact:  Ms. Bridgette King or Ms. Heather Norris


Phone:  419-407-9701 or 419-407-9707

Dates:  Year-round

Time:  Anytime, by reservation (4 – 6 weeks notice required)

Description:  Nature walks and other educational activities are offered in all 9 Metroparks.  Explore close to 7,000 acres of significant natural areas including:  forests, meadows, endangered oak savannas, prairies, ponds, and riverine ecosystems.  Bus rental funding available for Chapter I schools through the Metropark Nature Express Program.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

:  14000 W. State Rte. 2, Oak Harbor, OH  43449-9485

Contact:  Ms. Rebecca E. Hinkle, *813


Phone:  419-898-0014

Dates:  Year-round  (Please schedule a minimum of 1 month in advance.)

Description:  A variety of environmental topics from soils to birds.  Programs last from 1 hour to all day.  Hikes include a variety of habitats.  Certain times of year provide excellent wildlife viewing.  Ages:  Pre K – 12.

The Scrap Box – Where Discards Become Discoveries!

Address:  581 State Circle, Ann Arbor, MI

Contact:  Jan Radak

Phone:  1-734-994-0012

Times:  Tuesday - Friday:  10:00am – 6:00pm
            Saturday:  10:00am – 2:00pm

Description:  Hundreds of businesses have donated a wide assortment of recyclables, useful materials for art classes, craft projects, learning games and many other expressions of creativity.  These items are available for a small fee.  Field trips, workshops, and birthday parties can also be arranged.

Toledo Botanical Garden

Address:  Nature Education Program, 5403 Elmer Dr., Toledo, OH  43615

Phone:  419-536-5589

Dates:  Seasonal:  Fall, Winter & Spring

Time:  Call for an appointment, Monday – Friday

           Day Summer Classes in June, July & August (registration required)

:  Classes at Toledo Botanical Garden are designed for up to 30 students pre K – 8.  Year-round, the Botanical Garden setting provides an exciting natural laboratory both inside and out.  ($75 up to 15 students, 16 students and over are $5/student)

Toledo Zoo Educational Program

Address:  2700 Broadway, PO Box 4010, Toledo, OH  43069

Contact:  Ms. Peggy Coutcher


:  419-385-5721 x 2042

Dates:  Year-round

Time:  10:00am – 2:00pm, Tuesday – Saturday (Please call or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

University of Toledo Stranahan Arboretum and Eco Discovery

Address:  4131 Tantara, Toledo, OH  43623

Contact:  Lisa Taylor, Program Coordinator


Phone:  419-841-1007

Dates:  February – October

Time:  9:00am – 2:00pm, Monday – Friday

Description:  Just a few of the topics available:  Pond study, bats, endangered species, worms, tree ID and snake adaptations.  Seasonal Programs include:  leaf classification, biome studies, salamander research, maple sugaring, and more.  All programs can be geared toward proficiency.