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Lucas County - Board of County Commissioners

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Residential Homes for Sale
Guidelines and Instructions

To submit an offer for a residential home the Land Bank owns, please fully complete and return a Residential Structure Purchase Agreement to our designated listing agent or to the Land Bank's office directly.  Please contact our office at (419) 213-4293 with any questions.

The Land Bank accepts offers for properties owned by the Land Bank, including those listed below.  If you are interested in acquiring a property the Land Bank does NOT own, please fill out and return our Request for Property Investigation so the Land Bank can determine if it is an acquisition priority.

For Sale [Last Updated: October 15, 2014]

2550 Thoman, Toledo, OH 43613 - Accepted Offer

(H) 244 Raymer, Toledo, 43605 - Listed with Valerie Murphy 419-810-4477
      HAP Expires: October 21, 2014

(H) 2721 Stateview, Toledo, 43609 - Listed with JacQui Wilson 419-508-0806
      HAP Expires: November 4, 2014

5902 Roan, Sylvania, OH 43560 (Vacant Land) - Listed with Holly Moungie 419-215-6262

2220 Collingwood, Toledo, Ohio 43620 (Multi-Family) - Listed with Judy Stone 419-241-1717

2703 Fulton, Toledo, Ohio 43610 (Quadplex) - Listed with Pat Burns 419-346-8372

1311 Crestwood, Toledo, Ohio 43612 - Accepted Offer

3204 Collingwood, Toledo, OH 43620 - Listed with Judy Stone 419-241-1717

2109 Talbot, Toledo, Ohio 43613 - Listed with Holly Moungie 419-215-6262

662 W. Delaware, Toledo, Ohio 43620 - Listed with Judy Stone 419-241-1717

901 Locust, Toledo, Ohio 43604 - Listed with Judy Stone 419-241-1777

801 Lincoln, Toledo, Ohio 43607 - Listed with JacQui Wilson 419-508-0806

Homeownership Advantage Program (H)
The Homeownership Advantage Program is designed to help encourage homeownership by giving interested buyers the opportunity to make an offer on the property first before other parties.  One of the Lucas County Land Bank's major goals is to help support homeownership in neighborhoods throughout Lucas County.

If a property is designated with a (H) above, only owner-occupied offers will be accepted for the first 20 days of the listing.  After that period ends, all offers will be accepted for the property.  Please contact the listing agent for more information.

In most cases, a property is eligible for the Homeownership Advantage Program when it is a single-family residence with no greater than $15,000 of renovation costs.

Important Notices

No negotiations will occur until all documents are returned and the applicant is qualified as an end-user.  Inspections of any property should be coordinate with the Land Bank's listing agent or by contacting the Land Bank directly at (419) 213-4293.

Most Land Bank properties have significant renovation needs.   Purchaser will generally be required to invest substantial resources into the home in order to make it safe and habitable once again.  Please review our Residential Structure Purchase Agreement for complete details about the Land Bank's transfer requirements.

All properties are sold AS IS, WHERE IS.  The Land Bank may accept multiple offers on any listed property.  All Land Bank sales are subject to our Policies and Procedures.