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Lucas County Imaging Lab
Lucas County Imaging Lab
Adam Hansen - Director 419.213.4892

    The Lucas County Optical Imaging Lab officially opened in April of 2006.  The lab operates as an additional department under the supervision of the Central Records Center.  The lab was created through a contract with Lott Industries, the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and the Lucas County Commissioners.  By contracting with Lott Industries, the Imaging Lab is staffed by employees from Lott Industries making it the first of its kind in the State of Ohio.  The Imaging Lab has received several awards and has been recognized both statewide and nationally in numerous publications.   

    The primary function of the Imaging Lab is to convert paper documents into electronic images.  This in turn provides back-file conversion services to county offices engaged in the digital document imaging process, thus eliminating the need for storing massive amounts of records in boxes and files.  Lott Industry employees with developmental disabilities perform all document preparation, scanning and indexing at the lab making this project unique.   In the first four months of operation, the lab imaged over three years of documents.

    Clerk of Courts' J. Bernie Quilter was the driving force behind the development and opening of the Lucas County Imaging Lab.  He worked with representatives of Lott Industries and the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities to staff the facility.  The project was born of Mr. Quilter's hiring full-time an individual with developmental disabilities.  The Lucas County Imaging Lab is an example of community and government working together to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities while providing new and innovative solutions to document storage and retention.