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Program Highlights
Program Highlights

The goal of the Lucas County Pathways to Success Initiative is to foster strategic coordination and communication between Lucas County Children Services, Toledo Public Schools, Lucas County Juvenile Court and other community organizations in order to improve educational outcomes for youth in foster care. This initial reporting period has consisted of strategic planning, inter-agency communication, and program development. In order to ensure the program’s success, the Lucas County Juvenile Court hired a Program Coordinator. The Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the development, implementation, and fidelity of policies to improve educational outcomes for youth in foster care. The Program Coordinator works with community partners to develop work plans for evaluating, revising and implementing outdated policies while fulfilling all grant requirements for the Administration for Children and Families.

The Lucas County Juvenile Court has also hired a Social Worker who will act as a liaison between Lucas County Juvenile Court, Lucas County Children Services, Toledo  Public Schools, and the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West to improve the educational outcomes for youth in foster care. The social worker will also provide consultation with school staff regarding individualized behavior management plans. Additionally, the social worker will identify or create trauma-informed approaches to delinquent and unruly behavior as well as facilitate a smooth transition from secure detention to mainstream academic settings.

The Juvenile Court has also worked vigorously with the proposed contractual agencies: Northwest Professional Consortium (NPC Research), The Cullen Center and Law, Legal Center for Foster Care and Education (Legal Center FCE) to secure contracts for the proposed grant services. NPC Research will provide comprehensive evaluation support for the Pathways to Success Initiative, The Cullen Center will provide trauma- informed training to and Legal Center FCE will provide technical assistance for the implementation of the Lucas County Pathways to Success Initiative. Objectives and activities identified to help achieve the project’s goals are identified in the full report.