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Many youth in foster care have experienced trauma. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) indicated single exposure to traumatic events may cause jumpiness, intrusive thoughts, interrupted sleep and nightmares, anger and moodiness, and/or social withdrawal—any of which can interfere with concentration and memory (2008). Chronic exposure to traumatic events, especially during a child’s early years, can: adversely affect attention, memory, and cognition; reduce a child’s ability to focus, organize, and process information; interfere with effective problem solving and/or planning; and result in overwhelming feelings of frustration and anxiety (NCTSN, 2008). Furthermore, trauma can impact school performance in different ways such as: lower GPAs, higher rates of school absences, increased drop-out, more suspensions and expulsions and decreased reading ability (NCTSN, 2008). Teachers, CASAs, GALs, court personnel and other community stakeholders must be equipped with the skills necessary to address the unique needs of youth in foster care. The Lucas County PtSI will facilitate the development of materials and strategies within the educational setting that teach and prepare administrators, classroom teachers, aides, CASA/GALs and others to appropriately address emotional and behavioral challenges resulting from childhood trauma caused by abuse and neglect.