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Lucas County

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Quarterly Economic Reports
Wade Wire Photo
The County Treasurer's office collects much of the important data on which our local economy is built. As such, we issue a quarterly report (the "Wade Wire") that seeks to identify, measure, and analyze key economic indicators within Lucas County.

Listed below are links to both the summaries and full reports for each of our Quarterly Reports:

1st Quarter 2015 - Summary
1st Quarter 2015 - Full Report

4th Quarter 2014 - Summary
4th Quarter 2014 - Full Report

3rd Quarter 2014 - Summary
3rd Quarter 2014 - Full Report

2nd Quarter 2014 - Summary                                                                        Wade Wire 2
2nd Quarter 2014 - Full Report

1st Quarter 2014 - Summary
1st Quarter 2014 - Full Report

4th Quarter 2013 - Summary
4th Quarter 2013 - Full Report

3rd Quarter 2013 - Summary
3rd Quarter 2013 - Full Report