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Work Ready Lucas County
Building a Certified Work Ready Community
The key to a strong local economy is a well-trained, well-prepared workforce.  Without quality workers, businesses will struggle to survive.  Without the skills companies need, workers won’t find jobs.

Download informational flyers for individuals and business to review or to share.

Information for Individuals

For individuals, developing the skills necessary to compete for high-paying jobs might be difficult but the rewards are well worth the effort.  Participating in Work Ready Lucas County is FREE for those who are dedicated to completing the entire program.  Are you prepared to invest in yourself and become Work Ready?

Employers across the country report that stacks of applications for only a handful of open positions often overwhelm them. Sifting through these applications is time-consuming and inefficient and employers need a way to identify individuals with essential, verifiable workplace skills. That is why they are asking applicants to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC).

Prove that you have the skills needed for the job. The National Career Readiness Certificate, issued by ACT, is a portable, evidence-based credential that certifies essential skills needed for workplace success. This credential is used across all sectors of the economy and verifies essential work skills: 

  • Reading of Information
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Locating Information

Take the first key step toward proving your workplace skills by signing up NOW!

Still need more information?  Contact OhioMeansJobs Lucas County (formerly The Source) at 419-213-JOBS (5627) and ask for information about Work Ready Lucas County.

Information for Businesses

For businesses, the challenge of finding workers who are prepared to fill open positions can be daunting.  Supporting a Work Ready community, however, is not. 

If you support the need for a well-prepared and skilled workforce, sign up to let us know.

It can be tough finding just the right employee.  Take the guesswork out of finding workers with the right skill set by participating in Lucas County’s certified work ready communities (CWRC) initiative powered by the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). 

Fueled by research from ACT, widely known for their college readiness tests, the NCRC offers a suite of assessments and certifications that measure an individual’s workplace skills such as math, reading and locating information – skills required for a majority of today’s jobs.  

Your participation in certified work ready communities benefits not just your company, but also your entire community. Your state’s CWRC effort is helping job seekers in your area understand what skills employers like you are looking for, and it helps local educators prepare students for success. 

Supporting a stronger workforce is easy. All you need to do is: 

Recognize the NCRC when applicants present one 
Recommend the NCRC for applicants and/or existing employees 
Require the NCRC if your company has completed a job profile (job profiling is a job analysis system that identifies the exact skill levels required for success in a given position)

Looking for more information or are you ready to support Work Ready Lucas County?