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Davis Besse
Important Information

This brochure contains important information you will need if there 
is an emergency at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant. That should 
not happen, but you need to be prepared. This brochure also provides 
important information that you can use for other kinds of man-made or 
natural emergencies. 

In a Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant emergency there might be danger 
from radiation. Too much radiation can be harmful to your health. If a 
serious accident occurs, you might need to leave the area. Response 
plans are explained in this brochure; they were written by the groups 
listed on this page. 

This information is important – please read it carefully. Discuss it with 
your family, friends, and neighbors. They may need your help, or you 
may need theirs. If you know someone who is blind, read this brochure 
to them. Emergency information also is in your local telephone book.
Remember that the best way to stay safe in an emergency is to know 
what to do. Stay calm and help each other. This brochure is designed 
to help you.

Keep this brochure in a handy place for ready reference.