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Becoming a Type B Home Child Care Provider
How to become a Type B Home provider:

  1. Please review OAC 5101:2-14 which is the section of the Ohio Administrative Code that holds all the rules for Type B Home providers.
  2. You will need to assemble your application packet. Please go to: ODJFS eManuals

In the upper right hand corner you will find FORMS CENTRAL. Here you will find all the forms that you will need to apply to become a provider, as well as most of the forms that you will utilize once you are licensed. Please retrieve the necessary forms by using the JFS form number provided and return all completed forms to Lucas County Job & Family Service

                                        Child Care Contract Services 
                                        3210 Monroe St
                                        P.O. Box 10007
                                        Toledo, OH 43699-00007

Your application packet needs to include:

A. Provider Application form (JFS 1643) completed and signed by the Provider Applicant.

B. Emergency/Substitute Caregiver Statement (JFS 1923) this is to be completed and signed by the Provider Applicant and by the person who will be authorized to provide child care in the absence of the Provider during training, emergencies, or vacations. This document acts as a mini contract between the provider and the emergency/substitute caregiver; and sets the amount the provider will pay the emergency caregiver for his/her services.

C. Statement of Non-Conviction/Fingerprint Letter (JFS 1329). The statement of Non-convictions must be completed and signed by the Provider Applicant, Emergency/Substitute Caregiver, Employee, and each person living in the home who is eighteen (18) years of age or older.  A letter regarding how to be fingerprinted will be sent to the Provider Applicant after the application is submitted by the Provider Applicant.  This is how we obtain results from the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCII) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background checks. 

D. Provider Medical Statement (JFS 1280) must be completed and signed by the Provider Applicant’s physician or nurse practitioner. The examination must be current (within the last six (6) months).

E. Request for Child Abuse and Neglect Report Information Form (JFS 1302) this is to be signed by the Provider Applicant, Emergency/Substitute Caregiver, Employee, and all adults in the household. Authorization for Release of information will be mailed to the Applicant.
Please return all application materials by mail only, within 90 days. After all materials are received and reviewed by the Child Care Specialist,
you will be required to attend a training session to complete the licensing process.

F. Verification of completion of high school education, a high school diploma or general educational development (GED).

G. CPR (for infant, child, and adult) and First Aid certification for Applicant, Emergency Caregiver, and any Employee must be verified and submitted prior to child care licensure, at the expense of the Provider Applicant.

H. Health and Safety Training Class Schedule one class must be taken by the Provider  Applicant, all Emergency/Substitute Caregivers, and Employees as required in 5101:2-14-08. If classes are taken at a location other than the County Agency, you must provide a completed and signed JFS 01924 “Inservice Training for Type B Home Providers Form.  (Click here for additional training links)


1. Provider Handbook (JFS 1332)
to be completed by the Provider Applicant. A completed copy must be given to each parent.

2. Child Care Health Records
to be completed for each child under the age of six (6) who is living in the home, as well as for each child in your care.

3. E-mail and Bank Account Information You must have an e-mail address. This is the way you will receive all communications from the County and the State. You will only be paid by direct deposit; therefore, you will need a checking or savings account in order to receive the direct deposit.