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Lucas County

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Computer Services - LCIS

Lucas County Information Services (LCIS) provides 47 county agencies containing 4,400 employees located throughout 30 county buildings, including the following:
  • Application development
  • Client support
  • System acquisition
  • Computer networking
  • GIS implementation / analysis
  • GIS outreach
  • Website development
  • Server administration

LCIS Vision Statement

LCIS delivers “best in practice” information technologies, which forms a foundation for all Lucas County government agencies and services. This foundation supports, improves, and scales to meet the county’s business demands. 

LCIS Mission Statement

The mission of the Lucas County Information Services Department (LCIS) is to provide innovative and effective solutions to achieve the county’s service goals and objectives. Our technology philosophy will assist our department to guide and implement systems in the future. The goal of LCIS is to provide the highest quality of service in supporting the network infrastructure, client applications, client equipment and centralized computer systems. These goals will be accomplished through innovative technological leadership and the professionalism, knowledge and integrity of our staff.

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