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Lucas County - Board of County Commissioners

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Deed Transfers
General Information
One Government Center, Suite 770
Toledo, OH 43604-2256
Phone: (419) 213-4444

Under Ohio Law, all real estate transfer documents must be presented to the County Auditor prior to being recorded. The Deed Transfer Department transfers  the owner’s name and address on the real estate tax list and duplicate.

The department also collects the transfer tax/ conveyance fee ($4 per $1000 of sale price) and the transfer fee ($.50 per parcel). 

This information, formerly typed on Transfer Cards, is entered with computers for instant retrieval and posting. This “full disclosure” of sales transaction information forms the basis for the fair market value system of property taxation and “opens” all market based information to the general public.

Please Note: If your check is returned unpaid for nonsufficient funds (NSF), your account will be debited electronically for both the face amount of the check plus applicable returned check and collections fees by ECOLLECT, LLC.

Most Commonly Used Deed Types
AD    Auditors Deed
AFF   Affidavit
CE    Corporation w/ EE Deed
CM    Commissioners Deed
CQ    Corporation Quit Claim Deed
CS    Corporation w/ ST Deed
CW   Corporation Warranty Deed
DC    Death Certificate
ED    Executors Deed
EE    Estate by the Entireties Deed
FD    Fiduciary Deed
GR    Guardians Deed
GW   General Warranty Deed
JE     Journal Entry
JS     Joint Survivorship Deed
LW    Limited Warranty Deed  
MD    Marshall’s Deed
OD    Transfer on Death Affidavit
PC     Probate Certificate
QC    Quit Claim Deed
SD    Sheriffs Deed
ST    Survivorship Tenancy Deed
SW   Special Warranty Deed
TR    Trustees Deed
WD   Warranty Deed