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Are You Protected?
Quality vs. Quanity

Quality and quantity is what initially comes to mind when considering a purchase. Quality is subjective; one person's good quality may be another person's bad taste. Deciding on the quality of a product to purchase is left to the judgment of the individual. Government regulates quality to the extent that standards for health and safety are met. Beyond that, quality becomes a highly subjective matter.

Quantity on the other hand is fixed. The content of a package can be determined to a high degree of accuracy. Determining the amount in a package requires two things, a wide range of precise measuring equipment, and thorough technical knowledge of commodity types obtained through state mandated training.

It is your Weights and Measures officials’ job to make certain that although quality is subjective, quantity will never be. If the quantity of the package in your supermarket states that it is one pound, your Weights and Measures official works hard to make sure that the quantity is in fact one pound.