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Weights and Measures Complaint Center

Have you ever found yourself having similar thoughts?

  • I think that gasoline pump is registering more gallons than it is giving.
  • This scale is not weighing correctly.
  • This package I bought does not have the correct amount in it.

After the device has been inspected
and found to be accurate and correct,
the inspector places an approval seal
on the device. Look for the sticker!
Weighing and measuring devices such as scales or gasoline pumps are mechanical instruments and are subject to wear and tear and error. A malfunction on the packaging line can result in a package not being filled with the stated amount. If a device is found to be inaccurate, inspectors may reject, condemn, or in extreme cases, confiscate the device. For example, in the case of scanners, if the error rate exceeds 2 percent of the test sample, the items will be ordered off sale and the price immediately corrected. In the case of inaccurate package quantity, the Auditor can order the packages to be repacked, order them off sale, or even confiscate the packages.