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Lucas County

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Your Property Value
New Values coming in 2015

The Lucas County Auditor's Office is preparing new values for 2015. As in 2009 and 2012, Anita Lopez will once again take government to the people throughout Lucas County over the summer of 2015.

Ohio law mandates a general reappraisal every six-years (previously completed in 2012) with an update at the three year midpoint (2015 triennial). The Lucas County Auditor's Office maintains a detailed record of the appraisal on each parcel in the County.

For taxation purposes, property owners are assessed at 35% of fair market value.

Board of Revision
The deadline to file with the Board of Revision has passed. Applications will be accepted again starting January 1, 2015, in order to contest 2014 property values.

Property owners that filed with the Board of Revision before the March 31deadline can call (419) 213-4406 with questions or concerns. Please also see the quick links on the right side of this page for additional BOR information.