Road Maintenance

The Road Maintenance personnel are responsible for all Force Account projects (construction work performed by County Engineer Crews), ice and snow control, roadway signing and stripping, mowing and other general/seasonal maintenance of County roads and bridges. Road Maintenance personnel also works closely with the Townships on the various maintenance needs on their road systems.

Road Maintenance has three sections which use a common pool of operators, laborers and equipment to perform daily maintenance and operations.

Road Maintenance Section
Some of the work is year round such as berm repair, pavement patching, washouts, sewer cleaning, forestry, litter pickup and guard rail repair. Seasonal work includes sewer construction, berming, mowing, ice and snow control, bridge deck sealing and repair, and pavement repair.

Traffic Section
Year round work is sign fabrication and maintenance of signs and signals. Seasonal work includes detour signing, pavement stripping and school, railroad and intersection painting.

Garage Section
While this section is not readily apparent to the general public, it is important that the extensive fleet of County Engineer equipment be in a constant state of readiness for normal or call out operations. The original purchase price of the rolling stock including auxiliary accessories, trailing equipment and small construction equipment is over $4.3 million dollars.

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