This Survey personnel provide all surveys for staff design and layout staking for our garage maintenance. The staff performs general surveys for the county and the 11 townships. They maintain approximately 1600 section corners and roadway points along with the county benchmark circuit.

Survey Records Available from Online GIS Maps

Survey Control Points ~ On our GIS Survey Control Point Map
  • Benchmarks ~ Points used for vertical control.
  • GPS Control ~ These points have both State Plane Coordinates and a Reference (tie) Sheet. To get the reference sheet, click on “More Info” link in the attribute list.
  • References ~ These points have just the Reference (tie) Sheet.
  • Sections ~ Outline of the original “sections” from the United States “Public Land System”
  • Other Layers (not turned on by default settings and not updated by the Survey Department);
    • Blue Book Points ~ points added to the NGS Database.
    • NGS Control ~ Points from the NGS database in Lucas County.
    • State References ~ ODOT Reference sheets for points on State Highways.
    • Road Centerlines ~ A map of road centerlines, for LBRS (Location Base Response System), provided by the County EMS.

Survey Records Available from Online Documents Viewer

Copies of all the “Surveys” and Record Plats that we have on file,
available through the Online Survey Documents Viewer.

Note: When an Online Viewer appears on your screen, click on Terms of Use that is on the left hand side of the screen to see the Terms of Use Description, System Requirements for Windows Operating Systems and Web Browsers, and Document Descriptions.

Additional Online Plan Viewers

Online Infrastructure Plan Viewer

This has all of the plans for Roads, Bridges, Culverts and Ditches etc. that we have in our office.

Online Site Plan Viewer

Site Plans that our Office has reviewed.

​Right-of-Way Roadcard Records

Right-of-Way Record Application

Other Records Available

These records, which may be of particular interest to Surveyors, are on our "Engineers GIS" which is available on a USB drive. The cost of a copy of this USB drive is $20 (as of 12-1-15):

  • Railroad Valuation Maps (This is the only place where these maps are indexed, at this time).
  • LiDAR ~ Elevations on a 30’ grid throughout the County. (From 2001)
  • Contours ~ Developed from the 2001 LiDAR data.
  • FEMA flood plains.
  • Many other layers of data.

Requirements for Instruments of Conveyance in Lucas County (PDF)