Bridge Engineer Duties

Lucas County is currently responsible for 104 bridges on County Roads, 56 bridges on Township Roads, 6 pedestrian bridges on Lucas County trails and 35 bridges on extensions of County Roads inside Municipalities.

Lucas County is responsible for bridges over waterways on Township or County Roads and bridges on extensions of county roads inside municipalities over waterways. Lucas County is also responsible for the "Routine Maintenance" only for bridges on county or township roads over state routes and limited access highways.

Following are the Ohio Revised Codes (ORC) and the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) opinion indicating as such:

  • ORC 5543.20 "The county engineer shall inspect all bridges or portions thereof on the county highway system inside and outside municipalities, bridges on township roads, and other bridges or portions of bridges for which responsibility for inspection is by law or …"
  • ORC 5591.02 "The board of county commissioners shall construct and keep in repair all necessary bridges in municipal corporations on all county roads and improved roads that are of general and public utility, running into or through municipal corporations, and are not on state highways."
  • ORC 5501.47 "… The director of transportation is responsible for inspection of all bridges on the state highway system inside and outside municipalities, all bridges connecting Ohio with…"
  • ORC 5501.49 "… the public entity responsible for maintaining the pavements and sidewalks on either end of the bridge is responsible for the routine maintenance of all bridges located on the state highway system within the municipal corporation.
  • ORC 5591.21 "… the board of county commissioners shall construct and keep in repair necessary bridges over streams and public canals on or connecting state, county, and improved roads."
  • OAG Opinion No. 2006-051 "2. Pursuant to R.C. 5501.11(A)(1), ODOT is responsible for the rehabilitation, reconstruction, maintenance, and repair of a bridge structure not located in a municipal corporation if the road that passes over the bridge is a county or township road and the road running beneath the bridge is a limited access state highway. ODOT is not responsible for the maintenance and repair of the wearing surface of the road that passes over the bridge; instead, this responsibility rests with the county or township, as determined pursuant to state law."
Lucas County annually inspects 232 bridges which include bridges inspected by agreement with the Villages of Berkey, Holland, Ottawa Hills and Whitehouse; the Cities of Maumee, Sylvania, Oregon and Toledo and the Toledo Metropolitan Park District.