Highway & Street Lights

How can I get a streetlight put in at a given location?

Typically, the County Engineer will install streetlights at its signalized and roundabout intersections at the time of construction and the cost is usually included with the cost of the project. The County Engineer does not typically install streetlights at non-signalized intersections or other sections of roadway under its jurisdiction, unless a there is documented safety issue, crash history, which can be resolved by highway lighting.

Townships have discretion as to whether or not a streetlight is installed on roadways in their jurisdiction; however it is the recommendation of the County Engineer that they follow guidelines similar to those mentioned above to maintain uniformity of the highway lighting procedure.

If residents of a given area feel that they would like streetlights even though the County or Township has determined they are not warranted due to vehicular safety concerns. We ask that they contact their Township regarding the petition process for establishing a lighting district.

Who pays for streetlights?

There is an initial cost for the streetlight installation and a continuous cost for maintenance and the required electricity. When the County or a Township feels the lighting is warranted and installs streetlights, this cost is paid annually and must be accounted for indefinitely.

If the landowners have initiated the street lighting thru the Township’s petition process the cost for maintenance and electricity will be assessed in property taxes.