The Homestudy Process

Homestudy requirements

Once you have completed your pre-service training, LCCS will assign a homestudy caseworker.This caseworker will work through the homestudy process with you.

The items you will be asked to provide or participate in include, but are not limited to:
  • Personal, professional and educational references.
  • Medical report on every member of the household.
  • Fire inspection. Well water inspection (when applicable).
  • Verification of income.
  • Site and safety inspection, including furnace inspection and smoke detectors in each bedroom and on each floor.
  • Pet review and vaccination records.
  • Criminal checks and FBI checks for all members of the household age 18 and over.
  • Review of any past history of abuse and/or neglect, substance abuse or mental illness.

These requirements ensure that your family and your home are equipped to provide a safe and welcoming environment for a child.