Matching Children and Families

The right family for the child

Children belong in families.

Lucas County Children Services believes that children belong in families.

When we look to match children awaiting adoption with families seeking children to adopt, we select the family best-suited to meet the child's needs.

When a child becomes available for adoption, we first look to the child's extended family and community to try to find a permanent home. If none is available, we hold a matching meeting to review homestudies of interested nonrelated families. These homestudies are evaluated using a state-designated tool that measures each family's ability to meet the child's unique needs.

LCCS then contacts the family that received the highest ranking, and share initial information about the child. If they are interested, the family can learn more at an adoption presentation. There, caseworkers, foster parents and other members of the child's casework team present the child's complete medical, social, educational and family history; any evaluations or assessments; and other information about the child. This presentation is recorded, and the family is given a copy of this recording to review at home.

Prospective families must wait at least 24 hours to notify LCCS whether or not they wish to adopt the child. If they do, caseworkers begin the process of introducing the new family to the child, first through pictures and letters, then brief visits. If all goes well, this leads to longer overnight or weekend visits.

Eventually, the child can move into his/her new home, and the family signs the adoptive agreement. LCCS supports the child and family with any counseling or supports necessary. Once the child has lived in the new home for six months, the child and family go before the Probate Court to finalize the adoption.