Right of Way

Right of Way Summary
Procurement of right of way pertains to most major construction projects and numerous maintenance projects. The Right of Way personnel oversee the entire acquisition process including title work, appraisals, negotiations, closings, and in some cases appropriation filings. To assist the department's acquisition efforts, title companies, negotiators, appraisers, and tree appraisers from the private sector are hired when needed. Assistance was provided to several jurisdictions on joint cooperation projects also.

Joseph Shultz, Right of Way Coordinator, performs Negotiations, Consultant Selection, Prequalification, and Federal Aid R/W Certifications.

One major accomplishment involved clearing the Right of Way for the McCord Road Grade Separation project to be built in 2014-2016. . Property costs on this project were over $5.8 million and the project involved the dis-placement of 5 businesses and the raising of commercial structures. The Underpass is to open Fall 2016.

2012-2015 Summary

Facts: - 504 Parcels acquired (includes miscellaneous).

17 parcels filed for appropriation (for whatever reasons) with 0 going to jury trial.

9 Roundabouts were constructed. All required multiple Right of Way Acquisition.