Correctional Treatment Facility


Bud Hite
1100 Jefferson Avenue
Toledo, Ohio  43604-5835

Phone: (419) 213-6200
Fax:     (419) 255-1447

Monday - Friday
8:20 am - 4:20 pm

The Correctional Treatment Facility is a Community Based Correctional Facility (CBCF) that provides treatment for non-violent felony offenders sentenced for up to six months.

This program will focus primarily on Cognitive Behaviors and Chemical Dependency issues that lead individuals to become incarcerated. Other issues such as Educational, Vocational, Anger Management, Women specific issues, and Grief and Loss are addressed while Residents participate in CTF programming.

Participating Residents will be afforded the opportunity to change current ways of life and to change their views on Societal Norms. This program is designed as a State Prison diversion program to reduce recidivism rates.


Individuals who are eligible for this program are those who present to the Program who qualify under established regulations outlined in the Resident Profile. Clients do not necessarily have to have a Substance problem but may need to address Criminal Thinking, Attitudes, Values and Beliefs.

Information on approved property, mail, and money drop off times (PDF).

PREA Annual Report (PDF)