Employment Opportunities

Casework Employment Opportunities

Social workers are the heart of Lucas County Children Services. They protect children from abuse and neglect and work to ensure that children have safe, stable homes. Intervening on behalf of a child when parents are having problems is often difficult and challenging and requires skill and sensitivity. Social worker intervention frequently makes a critical difference in a child’s life. For this reason, all new caseworkers must participate in the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program post-employment or demonstrate equivalent training from another state training program. View the training curriculum.


A prescreen rating system is applied to all casework applications. Applications are evaluated according to educational background and work experience (both paid and volunteer).

Top Candidates

Top candidates are scheduled into a scenario review session and a structured panel interview. The scenario review session is scheduled on an as-needed basis. The session and interview process runs for approximately two hours and includes an introduction to Lucas County Children Services and a job preview discussion. Individually structured interviews are scheduled periodically throughout the month. Panels of two to three managers participate in the interview of the applicant.

Eligibility Status

When all paperwork (testing/structured interview results, references, police checks, etc.) is gathered, a letter is sent to the applicant informing them of their employment eligibility status.

Approved Applicants

Approved applicants are hired for casework training classes based on the Agency’s staffing needs. The training class lasts a minimum of six weeks and caseworkers are assigned to casework vacancies/units when the class is completed. Trainees may be assigned to any shift.


We appreciate your interest in employment with Lucas County Children Services. Resumes for casework positions are only accepted when the Agency is actively recruiting. By clicking on the Sign Up for Email Notifications icon in the upper left margin, you can sign up to receive email notifications of casework positions as they become available. Just enter your email address and check the Social Services/Direct Care box from the listings on the website. Thank you again for expressing interest in serving the children and families of Lucas County.