Agency Information

Robin Reese Welcome

Thank you for visiting the LCCS web site. More importantly, we thank you for
valuing children and your commitment to helping those in our community grow up
happy and healthy.

Children belong in families. Moreover, they belong in permanent families. To deny
them that is to rob children of their childhood. Our job at Children Services is to not
only protect children who have been abused and neglected, but also to
seek permanence for them.

Our Wish

Our wish is that all children live with their birth families. (In fact, less than 10
percent of the children we come into contact with have to leave their homes.)
When children cannot live safely at home, we try to restore stability to the family
so that a timely reunification can take place. But the reality is that some children
can never return home and will be raised by a relative or will be adopted.

The bottom line is that whether it be with the birth family, relatives or adoptive families, we believe every child deserves a loving, nurturing home.

This belief requires a commitment from the citizens of Lucas County. Our community's strengths come from the people living in our diverse neighborhoods in all zip codes. We are committed to working with the churches, civic organizations, schools and other community resources in these neighborhoods to strengthen our families. By partnering with these organizations, we can eliminate many of the risks that our children face.

As a taxpayer-funded agency, we strive to be transparent in our operations and committed to be an efficient steward of your tax dollars. We welcome all citizens to learn more about the outstanding work of LCCS' 340 employees.

Robin Reese