Contact Us/Complaints

Lucas County Children Services

Children Services Building

705 Adams St.
Toledo, OH 43604
Ph: 419-213-3200
TTD: 419-327-3559
Fx: 419-327-3291

To report child abuse/neglect: 419-213-CARE (please do not report online)
Foster care/adoptions: 419-213-3336
Public Information, Speaker's Bureau: 419-213-3253
Email: Use the Contact Us form or email directly.


If you have a concern regarding the agency's management of a case, please address your issue through the chain of command, beginning with the caseworker of record. Use the following order when contacting agency staff:
  1. Caseworker of record
  2. Casework supervisor
  3. Department manager or assistant manager

Ombudsman Services

Please be advised that the Lucas County Child Protection Ombudsman is not the first person you should contact to report a concern. You must first attempt to resolve your concern directly with your assigned caseworker, his or her direct supervisor and the appropriate department manager before you request assistance from the Office of the Lucas County Child Protection Ombudsman. If an independent investigation is initiated after you submit a Complaint Form, you may be asked to sign a separate Waiver Form authorizing the release of confidential information to the Lucas County Child Protection Ombudsman.

The Office of the Lucas County Child Protection Ombudsman is located at 1946 North 13th Street, Suite 420, Toledo, Ohio 43604, or e-mail your information to