Side Lots and Vacant Land

Side Lots

If you are a Lucas County homeowner who lives next to a vacant lot that shares a common boundary with your property, you may be eligible to purchase that lot for $300 or less. You must be current on your property taxes.

As part of this program, the Land Bank will require the homeowner applicant to merge the Land Bank parcel with the homeowner's parcel to enhance their own land's value and restore the parcel to the tax rolls. All side lot transfers must conform to local land use and planning regulations and may not be available in all circumstances. The parcel may be split to satisfy the request of two adjacent neighbors.

If you live next to such a vacant lot, please fill out the application below and return it to the Land Bank. Once returned, a Land Bank employee will contact you about the next steps.

Under rules imposed by the Neighborhood Initiative Program demolition grant, non-owner occupied vacant land must be offered for its fair market value which is typically $300 for an unbuildable lot in the City of Toledo.

Lots to Lease

The Land Bank is excited to partner with residents, community groups, and neighborhood anchors to provide land for us as a community garden, urban garden, or play space.  To lease a vacant lot for these purposes, please fill out and return our Vacant Land Application.  A representative of the Land Bank will then contact you to discuss your plans and our expectations.