Proposed Amendments to Local Rules

Comments requested:  The Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals will accept public comments until August 14, 2021, on the attached Proposed Amendment to Local Rule 9.

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            (A)  Scheduling of argument.  No oral argument will be scheduled unless the court orders it sua sponte or if any party to the appeal files a written notice requesting oral argument.  Such request shall be in the form of the words “ORAL ARGUMENT REQUESTED” displayed prominently on the cover page of any appellant’s or cross-appellant’s opening brief or any appellee’s or cross-appellee’s brief.  If oral argument by Zoom is requested, the party requesting the Zoom oral argument shall specify such on the cover page of the party’s opening brief and designate “Zoom Oral Argument Requested.” The party requesting the Zoom argument shall also file a motion with its brief detailing the extraordinary circumstances underlying the request for Zoom argument in lieu of in-person oral argument.  The court, in its discretion, shall determine whether to grant or deny the request to hold oral argument via Zoom, or to require in-person oral argument. For briefs filed prior to the effective date of this rule, once a party has been notified of oral argument, the party shall within 7 days of notification of said argument file a motion to hold the oral argument via Zoom. The court also reserves the right to sua sponte convert an-in person argument to a Zoom argument if extaordinary circumstances arise.

Comments on the proposed amendment should be submitted in writing to Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals, Attention Jason A. Hill, One Constitution Avenue, Toledo, Ohio, 43604, or may be faxed to (419) 213-4844 or e-mailed.