The Payroll department within the Lucas County Auditor's office processes compensation for all of the 42 separate agencies within the county. There are over 25 collective bargaining units that a majority of the approximate 3,200 employees belong to. Employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle that begins on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday, with the following Friday being the scheduled pay day. All employees are paid in the form of direct deposit to the financial institution(s) of their choice.   A mandatory direct deposit policy was enacted in January 2013 to not only reduce the county expense of paper pay, but to also ease the employee's burden of having to cash a paper check ---resulting in quicker access to funds and eliminating lost/stolen paper pay.  

The Payroll department is responsible for maintaining and reporting employee tax, electronic pay information, general deductions, garnishments, employment verifications, and Ohio Public Employee Retirement System (OPERS) information for all Lucas County employees.