Strong Man/Gentle Man

It takes a STRONG man... to be a GENTLE man.StrongMan

Whether you realize it or not, a relationship with a woman who has children is a package deal.

There may be times when she asks you to watch them while she's working or running errands. It's a big responsibility. She's putting her trust in you.

Here are some facts:

Kids do cry for no reason. That can be really frustrating when you don't know why. You need to keep your cool. Always.

Kids are messy. Toddlers have accidents, and they get into things that they shouldn't. Take a deep breath before reacting.

Young lives depend on you. Their safety is your top priority. Don't get distracted by something else. You're a caregiver. You're legally on the hook for their well-being.

A split second moment of frustration could lead to a tragedy for a child, and time behind bars for you.

Hurting a child carries a heavy price.

Remember...ANY child in your care is YOUR responsibility.

Need help?

Here are some resources that can help any man who is caring for a child.