Electronic Plan Review and Submittals

Electronic Plan Review and Submittals:
Beginning March 18, 2019, plans that will be reviewed by our office may be submitted electronically in lieu of paper plan submittals.  Please click on the Memo below and the Electronic Submittal Requirements.

The plan will be submitted to the appropriate department for review

Plan Type:                                                                 Submit To:

Site Plan/Subdivision Plan                      Douglas J. Parrish

Waterline/Sanitary Sewer Plan                                  Nate Inkrott

Grading and Drainage Plan (Acreage Lot)                 Mark Smith

SWP3 Plan                                                                 Mark Smith

Completed Permit Applications and/or Required Fees are required to be submitted concurrently with any plan review submittals.  Plans will not be reviewed until fees have been received and applications are complete. 

Please contact our office (419) 213-2860 if there are any questions on who to direct the submittal.

Electronic Plan Review and Submittals requirements

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