Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor


Lucas County Board of Commissioners declared an emergency and encourage citizens to avoid public offices. Please do not come to our office unannounced, follow the guidelines below. We are open and operating under: S.E.T.

S-SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: The Auditor’s Office will take appointments via Facetime, and conference calls. See contact information below. Email, text or call.

E-EMAIL QUESTIONS AND REQUEST FORMS: Please email requests and questions to

T-TEXT A QUESTION TO (419) 309-7877

Last, please call our consumer hotline at (419) 213-4406.

Please use one of the options above before coming to our office.

A list of departmental phone numbers is listed below:

Deed Transfer/Conveyance (419) 213-4439 or (419) 213-4332

Board of Revision (419) 213-4424 or (419) 213-4327

CAUV/Homestead (419) 213-4873

Dog, Cigarette or Vendors License (419) 213-4443

Finance (419) 213-4329 or (419) 213-4435

Disbursements (419) 213-4328

Tax Accounting (419) 213-4446 or (419) 213-4154

Special Assessments-Exemptions (419) 213-4292 or (419) 213-4154

Payroll (419) 213-4348 or (419) 213-4346

Weights and Measures (419) 213-4447

Homeowners Real Estate Questions(419) 213-4142 or (419) 213-4434 or (419) 213-4155 or (419) 213-4153

Commercial/Business Real Estate Questions: (419) 213-4833

GENERAL QUESTIONS: 419-213-4338, or 419-213-4403, 419-213-4432, (419) 213-4335

Email questions to

TEXT a question 419-309-7877

The Lucas County Auditor herself (419) 213-4322

​Anita Lopez, Esq. is a licensed State of Ohio attorney and a graduate of the University of Toledo.

She is the 7th child of migrant workers who taught her the value of hard work, to be loyal to God and our great country, the USA.

She began her legal career at the Toledo Fair Housing Center and later joined the City of Toledo as Director of Purchasing, Contract Compliance and Affirmative Action.

​​In 2004 Anita Lopez was elected as the Lucas County Recorder and in 2006, was elected Lucas County Auditor.

Anita is the first woman in the history of Lucas County to be elected as Auditor.​