Ditch & Drainage Petitions

The links in the tables below will take you to the respective pages or PDF document for each creek or ditch.

Ditch Petition Information

Ditch Name(s) Date
Swan Creek May 14, 2021
Tenmile Creek May 17, 2021
Ford Ditch July 28, 2022
Lone Oak Ditch Aug. 18, 2022

Drainage Improvement Projects

Project Name Year Funding
Ford Ditch 2023-24 US EPA
Drennan Ditch 2022 Great Lakes Commission
Fallen Timbers Fairways Subdivision Drainage Improvements 2022 By Assessment
Van Fleet Ditch, Ph. 1 & 2 2022 US EPA, Ohio EPA
Zink-Heldman Ditch 2022 Ohio EPA
Morrison Ditch 2021 Ohio EPA
Smith Ditch 2020 US EPA

Ditch Petition Ohio Revised Code

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ORC 6131 Single County Drainage Improvements

ORC 6137 Drainage Improvement Maintenance Fund

Ditch Petition Reports

Lucas County Annual Petition Report 2022 (PDF)

Lucas County Annual Petition Report 2021 (PDF)

Ditch Petitions on GIS

Our petitions are on our GIS Map under LCE All Drainage > Petitions