Real Estate Appraisal and Assessment


General Information

The Auditor's Reappraisal and Triennial set the fair market value of properties in Lucas County.

By law, valuation occurs twice in a six year cycle; first Revaluation then Triennial three years later. 

The last Lucas County Revaluation was 2018 and 2021 was the most recent Triennial. The 2024 tax year will be the next revaluation.


The Triennial does not require visiting each property, instead values are determined by statistical analysis of sales and market data.  

The 2021 Revaluation included a physical examination of every residential, commercial, and agricultural parcel in Lucas County.

Each 2021 Revaluation property was visited for an updated front facing photograph, used to update the county’s public webpage: AREIS.


New photographs and updated satellite imagery are used to inspect features on each parcel. To equalize sudden value changes in neighborhoods such as individual improvements, demolitions, and changing economic conditions; all properties are included in the 2024 Revaluation.

Characteristics evaluated on each 2024 Revaluation property included type, construction style, story height, additions, outbuildings, major remodels and overall condition.

New values are only one part of real estate taxation. Taxes are based on levies (millage) passed by the taxpayer, multiplied by assessed value (35% of fair market value). Local tax rates are applied to calculate each tax bill. Taxes are also adjusted when State-mandated reductions, called rollbacks, are applied to the tax rate.

For those that qualify, reductions include an Owner-Occupied credit, Homestead exemption, CAUV (current agricultural value use) and House Bill 920.



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