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By agreement, the Toledo, Department of Public Utilities does the billing for nearly all Lucas County water and sanitary sewer customers (Existing Rates). If questions, please see Customer Service   

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The Sanitary Engineer oversees the County's water and wastewater services as well as oversight of the Solid Waste Management District and Water Resource Recovery Facility.
Sanitary Engineer Mission - To provide customers with high quality, safe, cost effective, and sustainable - water and wastewater services in accordance with applicable Local, State and Federal requirements for a healthier today and a sustainable tomorrow.
Solid Waste Management District Mission - To develop and enhance programs which enable residents to easily recycle common household wastes as well as to assist business and industry with the implementation of waste reduction and recycling programs, with programs/services to reduce, reuse and recycle.
WRRF Mission - To operate and maintain the Lucas County Water Resource Recovery Facility in a cost effective, reliable, and safe manner which meets all State and Federal permits and regulations.