The 1960s


In November, 1965, a 1.4 mill county operating levy was defeated resulting in a drastic 42% reduction of budget. For reasons of economy, the agency moved its administrative offices to the Miami Children's Center. The Lucas County Welfare Board had been receiving its funds from the county general fund, but in 1967 the Board asked for a direct 1.3 mill tax levy to be used exclusively for child welfare purposes. Despite a vigorous campaign, the levy was defeated.
The following November, the board again asked for a 1.5 mill levy. The CWB's 1968 budget of $1.1 million was deemed "grossly inadequate" in a Toledo Blade editorial supporting the levy. Championed by the United Toledo Committee, a group of philanthropic citizens, the campaign resulted in success on November 5, 1968. The five-year operating levy, the first in agency history, produced an estimated $2.4 million a year and more than doubled the board's annual budget.


In January, 1966, the agency's board of trustees voted to eliminate the position of Superintendent of the Miami Children's Center and consolidate those responsibilities with that of the Executive Secretary. This move was intended to not only save money but also to bring all of the agency's services under the direction of one administrator. This decision proved quite controversial, as the superintendent was well-liked by staff and considered a parental figure to the children living at the home. Following the defeat of the 1967 levy, the agency could provide only minimal services, and the social work staff was reduced from 44 to 19. Passage of the 1968 levy, however, provided funds to bring the casework staff up to 80 persons.


With the expansion of services also came a name change, in 1968, from the Lucas County Child Welfare Board to Lucas County Children Services Board (LCCSB).