2000 to Present


At the start of the new millennium, Lucas County Children Services was conducting more investigations and serving more children than at any time in its history. In 2002, the agency received 4,471 referrals, the most on record. The number of reports that year was a 33 percent increase from the 3,371 referrals received just four years prior, in 1998. Today, LCCS serves more than 12,000 children and 5,000 families and conducts more than 4,500 investigations annually.

Children in foster care are generally a grade or more behind in school, perform poorly on proficiency tests and graduate or attain a GED at a rate much lower than their peers. In 2004, the LCCS Board of Trustees created an education services program to assist children in foster care with their educational progress.


The economic slump that followed the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks put many government agencies in a financial pinch. Thankfully, LCCS was not among them. Because of its solid financial status and the continuous passage of its levies, Children Services did not lay off staff or reduce services. However, as the 2010s approached and continued, reductions in property tax collections, combined with significant reductions in state and federal funding, resulted in significant belt-tightening at the agency. Again, no staff were laid off, but through attrition, the staff reached approximately 340 employees. As of 2015, the LCCS annual budget was $42 million.