Tornado Season

Very large thunderstorms that generally form to the Southwest can produce high winds, severe lightening, large hail and possibly Tornados. Tornados can occur in any month of the year and at any time of the day. The Tornado Season in our region begins in March and runs through July. Most Tornados develop between the hours of 2:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Most severe injuries from Tornados result from fly debris at speeds of up to 300 mph. Knowing these facts can help you to plan and prepare for Tornados.

Weather Alerts

Lucas County maintains 120 outdoor warning sirens. When the sirens sound it means that people should go indoors or find someplace that provides shelter from severe weather. If possible tune into a local radio or TV station to hear about severe storms in the area.

Your Safe Room

Everyone should identify a Safe Room in their home or workplace, usually the lowest floor possible, in the center of the building, away from windows and doors and with some overhead protection. In a highrise building the safest area is in the center core space of each floor. Some homeowners may choose to build or retrofit a Safe Room that is designed to resist the impact of high winds and Tornados. More information on Safe Rooms is available in FEMA Publication 320

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Do you have a Weather Alert Radio?

While sirens can provide warning to people who are outdoors they sometimes cannot be heard indoors or when buildings, trees or traffic block their signals. The National Weather Service (NWS) issues weather alerts in the form of watches and warnings over special Weather Alert Radios.Everyone should have a Weather Alert Radio to receive the earliest alerts for all types of severe weather events. While most alert weather radios are AC/DC powered some models have a wind-up feature that requires no batteries. Weather radios are available from most Department, Outdoor and Electronics retail stores.