Public Health

Public Health Emergencies 

Health emergencies can arise when new viruses, toxins or bacteria are introduced into a community. Localized epidemics and the threat of pandemics have become a real concern. Many naturally occurring viruses have become resistant to treatments. Our ability to travel great distances in a short time can spread harmful diseases faster than we can identify and contain them.

How to Stay Healthy

Individuals and families should plan for and adopt healthy living habits including diet and exercise to reduce the likelihood of becoming sick. Always follow the instructions of health care agents to limit the spreading viruses. Seek medical care for a persistent illness.

What You Should Avoid

Avoid personal contact with others who show signs of illness or if you are ill. Avoid extended close contact with animals, particularly birds, who show signs of illness. When advised of a disease outbreak, follow the instructions of health care workers. Hospital Emergency Rooms may increase your potential for exposures. Visit only when necessary.

In Case of a Health Emergency

Should a health emergency occur citizens should listen to and follow the instructions provided by local, State, and Federal health officials. Avoid mass gatherings. Be prepared to shelter in place at home for several days.