Business Preparedness

Business continuity planning can make the difference between recovering from a disaster and having to remain closed permanently. 

There are a variety of resources available to help with creating these essential plans.  Check out these important topics at the following sites: 

General business preparedness

American Red Cross Ready Business Rating tool

Small businesses

Step-by-step business preparedess

Creating an emergency response plan

OSHA emergency planning guide

OSHA emergency planning checklist - Emergency Response Planning

Red Cross - small business checklist


Lucas County Community Healthcare Coalition

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Employee contact system

Do you have a way to get in touch with all of your employees quickly? How do you let them know if the business is closed due to severe weather? Check out these best practices for creating a mass notification plan for your company. 

Business Continuity Planning

How will your business continue to function during or shortly after an emergency? Learn about making business continuity plans using the links below. Business and IT continuity planning 
Ready,gov - Business Continuity Planning Suite

Business Continuity Management Toolkit

 Critical Infrastructure

If you own or work in a place that is considered critical infrastructure, have you considered how you will keep it secure before, during and after a disaster? If not, check out what the Department of Homeland Security recommends here