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Lucas County Department of Job & Family Services (LCDJFS) provides services such as TANF (temporary cash assistance), SNAP (food stamps), Medicaid (medical assistance), subsidized Childcare, APS (adult protective services), and PRC (prevention/retention/contingency funds). The Division of Child Support establishes parentage, enforces support orders, and collects and disburses child support in order to ensure that families receive the financial support to which they are entitled.

To check case status or verify benefits call: 1-844-640-6446.

Submit verifications via email (Please include a case or social security number on documents. Allow 2 business days for documents to be added to case.)

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P-EBT for Summer 2021

The Pandemic - Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) Program is additional money for families to buy food due to COVID-19.

  • For summer 2021, Ohio school children eligible for free or reduced-price meals and Ohio non-school children under 6 who live in households participating in SNAP will receive P-EBT funds
  • Families will receive $375 per child, split over two payments - one at the end of June and one by the end of July
  • You should use P-EBT as well as grab-and-go and traditional meal sites to meet your children's food needs
  • Using P-EBT does NOT impact you or your child's immigration status.  The public charge rule does NOT apply to P-EBT funds
  • To learn more, visit our FAQs

Will I get P-EBT?

To be eligible for P-EBT funds for summer 2021, children must:

  • Received free or reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program OR
  • Attended a school where every student gets free meals OR
  • Be under 6 and liv in a household participating in SNAP
  • In most cases, if you already have SNAP benefits, funds will be added to your existing account monthly (around the 27th).  Benefits for some or all eligible children will be added to your EBT card.  NOTE: In some cases, even if you receive SNAP benefits, you may receive some or all of your funds through a new P-EBT card in the mail for one or more child in your household.  You do not need to apply.
  • If you do NOT have SNAP benefits, you will receive a new P-EBT card in the mail. You should receive one card per eligible child.  Keep your card(s): Funds will be added monthly
  • If you're not sure whether your child's school participates in the National School Lunch Program, you can search the database by going to the P-EBT website for Ohio: Visit Ohio P-EBT website
  • If you think your family qualifies for P-EBT, but you have not received your P-EBT funds by the end of February, call ODJFS at 1-866-244-0071 or email the Family Assistance office

Ohio Pandemic EBT Round 3 Flyer (PDF)
Ohio Pandemic EBT Q&A (PDF)
How to Activate and Use P-EBT Card(PDF)
How To Use Your PEBT Funds (PDF)
Pathway Home Relief Emergency Services Grant Flyer (PDF)

Job & Family Services has limited lobby services (Limited Lobby Services Flyer (PDF)).  Please utilize the Self Service Portal online or one of the following sources for contact.

You can also apply for benefits or check case status:

  • Online
  • By Phone: 1-844-640-6446

Your applications and documents will be scanned and added to your case in a timely manner. Currently, self-scan stations are not available.

Hardcopy applications can be obtained from the front of 3737 W. Sylvania Avenue or may be printed from the online document center (PDF). All applications will be processed as normal and clients will be contacted via phone if a phone interview is being scheduled, or if there are questions.

Things to Know (updated June 28, 2021)

  • All applications and documents will be processed as normal
  • Due to staff shortages please be aware of long wait times on the phone for Applications/Interviews through September 2021
  • You will receive an appointment letter with details for when to call for your scheduled interview
  • Interim Reports will continue to not be required for assistance groups July 1 through September 30, 2021. Interim reports will not be sent in these months. Assistance groups remain subject to all other reporting requirements until their recertification
  • Renewals for Medical Assistance are still required annually
  • For proof of Eligibility or Income Statements: Call 1-844-640-6446 or email your request (type "Income Verification" in the subject line). You can also access statements on the Self Service Portal (SSP)
  • Important updates are shared on our Facebook page
  • LCDJFS will see clients by appointment only in instances where a client has either insufficient technology or inability to navigate our system remotely or need to make a cash payment on a repayment agreement. (If a situation arises that requires face-to-face contact, the necessity for such appointment will be determined by the agency.)
  • Lump sum payments to Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM), should be sent to the following address: OH Dept of Medicaid/Lump Sum L-3676, Columbus, Ohio 43260 (With your check, include a cover letter with your name, SSN, case number, and reason for submitting the check.)
  • We do not process Unemployment Claims. You must contact ODJFS for UC 1-877-644-6562

Fraud Logo, fraud costs all of us

Fraudulent Ohio Benefits Calls

The Ohio Benefits Project Team is receiving reports that individuals in counties across Ohio are receiving fraudulent calls which are falsely identifying that their benefits are ending and requesting personally identifiable information (PII) such as their Social Security Number.

These calls are not generated by the State of Ohio or any of its agencies. Please report these calls to the State of Ohio Attorney General's office at 1-800-282-0515 or online.

Official communications from the Ohio Benefits Project come from either (844)640-6446 (phone calls) or (614)350-2711 (text messages).
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