Am I in the right Court?
There are four different Lucas County courts that deal with different types of cases.

The General Division, which is referred to as the Common Pleas Court handles felony criminal cases and civil cases involving foreclosures, personal injury claims, and cases with large sums of money.

The Domestic Relations Court handles divorces and dissolutions, as well as support and custody matters for children.

The Juvenile Court takes care of offenses involving children under 18 years of age, including traffic cases, criminal offenses, and paternity cases.

Probate Court deals with estates when someone has died, the civil commitment of those with mental illness, adoptions, and marriage licenses.

There are also Municipal Courts for Toledo, Maumee, Oregon, and Sylvania.
Municipal Courts handle misdemeanor criminal cases, traffic cases, and civil cases with smaller sums of money involved.

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1. Am I in the right Court?
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