Where do I file my appeal?
All appeals are filed with the court where the case originated. They will then transmit the filing to our Appellate section within our office. It will then be assigned an appellate case number.

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1. Where is the Court of Appeals Section of Clerk of Courts located?
2. What do I need to file an appeal on my case?
3. Does your office have forms for filing an appeal?
4. What is a Praecipe and Docketing Statement?
5. Do I need an attorney to file an appeal?
6. How many days do I have to file an appeal on my case?
7. Where do I file my appeal?
8. How many copies of the appeal must I provide your office?
9. When filing a brief with the court, how many copies do I need to provide your office?
10. May I see a brief from a previously filed case so that I can format mine correctly?
11. May I fax file a brief with your office?
12. May I file a motion on my case by fax?
13. If I fax the motion, do I need to send the original to you via U.S. Mail?
14. What is our fax number for the Appellate section?