How do I submit a records request?

Lucas County Children Services releases information pursuant to the requirements of Ohio law. The following are guidelines related to information requests: Individuals should print and complete the attached form in full in order to request information from Lucas County Children Services for personal use only. Please mail to the address given on the form. No online submissions can be accepted. Individuals requesting their own information, whether it is recent or from the Miami Children’s Center, should complete the form as fully as possible. Parents requesting information about their biological child(ren) must submit documentation of custody in order to request information. Examples include divorce decrees or other court documents showing that you have custody of the child(ren). Individuals requesting historical information from the Miami Children’s Center about a deceased relative should submit the form, along with proof of relationship and a copy of the person’s death certificate. Individuals seeking their adoptive history should be aware that these records may be sealed and you may need to proceed with your request through the Probate Court. This agency will make its best efforts to provide you with non-identifiable information as allowed by law. LCCS is prohibited from releasing any case information related to services provided by third parties, such as medical treatment or psychological services.

Questions? Call 419-213-3376, or send an email. 

Authorization for Release of Personal Information

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