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Dog Licensing Agent Agreement

  1. I agree to the following terms and conditions set by the Lucas County Auditor to serve as a dog license agent for the 2022-2023 Dog License Season.
  2. 1. I agree to submit a Surety Bond – Minimum ONE YEAR, $5,000.00 bond. No tags will be issued until the Surety Bond is submitted to the Lucas County Auditor.
  3. 2. I agree to only sell Lucas County Dog Tags to Lucas County Residents.
  4. 3. I agree to grant authority to the Lucas County Auditor to advertise on radio, media and any newspapers, the Vendor/Agent’s name and location IF the Agent has lost any forms or essential data to reunite a lost dog. In addition, I must identify the owner of any missing dog tag within 48 to 72 hours or immediately cease selling tags until found.
  5. 4. I agree to place a Lucas County issued “Missing Dog Tag Poster” in the front entrance on a window or door in a visible location near the point of sale until the essential data has been provided.
  6. 5. I agree to being billed monthly for the tags sold each month.
  7. 6. I agree to only charge $0.75 per application, NOT per tag.
  8. 7. I agree to charge the amount per the 2023 Lucas County Auditor Dog Registration Schedule of Fees.
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    By checking this box, I agree to and accept the terms and conditions outlined above.
  10. Optional: Upload a copy of your bond to submit along with this agreement.
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